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L21 Gallery, Untitled Miami 

29 November—03 December 2022

As in the previous edition of the fair, we invite people home once again. On this
occasion, the domestic environment of the booth builds around an installation
by London based artist Richard Woods (UK, 1966). Woods is well known for his
architectural installations and re-surfacing of structures that propose an absurd
twist on the cult of home improvement and DIY aesthetics.

Continuing with this approach, one of his grey brick patterns covers the interior
walls of the booth, creating the geometric background over which diverse plastic
languages by different artists coexist: Fátima de Juan (Spain, 1984), Hunter Potter
(US, 1990), Jordi Ribes (Spain, 1972), Nat Meade (US, 1975), Fabio Viscogliosi (France,
1965), Dasha Shishkin (Russia, 1977), Joe Cheetham (UK, 1992), Hunter Potter (US,
1990), Edu Carrillo (Spain, 1995), Marc Badia (Spain, 1984), Eunsae Lee (South Korea,
1987) and Mira Makai (Hungary, 1990).

Photocredit: Juan David Cortes

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