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Curator: Gábor Rieder

14 November 2018—7 December 2018

Unseen Creatures

— Mira Dalma Makai –

Art+Text Budapest is delighted to present the first solo show of Mira Dalma Makai at the gallery. The exhibition, titled Unseen Creatures, is the continuation and completion of Glaze and Gut, an exhibition with Ádám Dallos realised two years ago.


Mira Dalma Makai (1990, Budapest), the youngest representative of a new abstraction exploiting the associative fields of organic non-figuration, is well-versed in painting, graphic arts, as well as the creation of ceramic objects. In the past years, her wide-ranging interests in genres have shifted toward ceramics and have been materialised in life-sized dimensions.


Curator: Gábor Rieder

On view: 15 November - 7 December 2018

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